October 26, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

We may say, “put it on a bumper sticker,” but many people these days are favoring the rear window to share something with fellow drivers. In many cases, that something is a small message about faith. I blogged previously about several cars I photographed with faith related decals. Maybe I’m just starting to look again, but in the past week, I’ve noticed a many more.

 RIP Yung Zay.jpg

I parked next to this car at a Panera in Houston. The car was a late model, but the decal did look pretty new. I can surmise that Yung Zay is a nickname for a buddy, or relative who died five years ago at the young age of 20.

 Jeep W Celtic Cross.jpg

By the time we got back to Austin, this Celtic cross caught my eye. Considering we were stuck waiting for the second or third turn of the light, I had plenty of time for a picture.

 Green Pickup closeup.jpg

This green Jesus seems to be a good match for the green pickup truck. I saw this decal just today. And once again, the famously congested Austin traffic gave me plenty of time to grab my phone for a photo.

There were plenty of others I’ve seen recently. My interest in capturing these creative car prayers won’t compel me to do something reckless while driving. So the fish that got away include several more memorials to deceased loved-ones and two children praying under a cross. I also missed the cartoon character Calvin praying in a gesture eerily similar to another popular Austin decal where the impish Calvin is taking a pee.

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