March 10, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

I noticed this memorial several days ago next to the Govalle fire station on Airport Blvd. This telephone pole composition includes a collection of materials. The bright red wreath and the Easter cards were newly placed here. The welded metal “RIP Endo” is anchored more solidly and has likely been in place for a period of time. The framed picture has a verse ending in RIP Endo and dates: 8/11/84 - 2/5/15.


A quick search turns up a stabbing on that date at the nearby mobile home park. According to a KXAN report, Rosendo Roy Gonzalez-Jaimes, 30, was found stabbed to death around 12:30 a.m. His assailant was taken into custody shortly afterwards and is presumably now serving time for the murder. Several comments on the news site suggest the murderer and victim were connected to illicit activities.


But no matter how he lived, Endo’s memorial is a sincere sign of genuine humanity. The friends and family who still grieve for Endo offer prayers and prayerful signs, some made humbly by hand. Noting these signs, the whole community is asked to go beyond the news, and share genuine feelings of very real grief and loss.

800 Block of Airport Blvd, Austin, Texas

Suddenly Sacred/ Austin