February 06, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath


I don’t know why I hadn’t checked out this church before. Rising Star is at the edge of a neighborhood in transition with modern structures rising next to modest homesteads. To the east is the UT sports complex. On game day, the area is overrun by fans, but it may help the church assuming they charge for prime parking spaces in their lot.


The masonry exterior is typical of a 1950’s church, but with a simple profile. Two pitch roof wings are joined at the middle with a diminutive steeple structure placed at the intersection of the two forms. The steeple has some architectural interest, but the tacked on door canopy doesn't relate very well to the steeple above.  The dedication plaque says the church was rebuilt in 1959, so it is very likely that the forms came from the older building.


The congregation has served the African American community for generations. Rising Star Missionary Baptist has an active Facebook page that shows a number of families who continue to support the ministry. It will be interesting to follow this church in the next several years to see how they adapt to their changing neighborhood.

Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church, 1710 E 20th St, Austin, TX 78722

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