March 04, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

I’ve seen the huge mega cross from the Sam Houston Parkway a number of times. Traveling east, its just before the interchange with I 45. I’ve included the address below, but you really won’t need it. The cross is so large, you’ll see it if you are anywhere in the vicinity. An embodiment of Texas bravado, it somehow seems perfectly placed, adjacent to one of Houston’s busiest highway interchanges.


The cross is the result of a vision, literally, from the senior pastor of Sagemont Church, Dr. John Morgan. According to the church’s website, the pastor was driving on the flyover and looking over at his church when the image of the massive cross came to him. The vision was quickly embraced by the congregation and a 170 foot brilliant white cross was installed less than two years later.


The cross is already a landmark. It is so so large, it stands out on Google Earth. It is much larger than the electric transmission towers nearby. And the church has given the cross its own page on-line, inviting visitors. The grounds and pond at the base are available for various activities. The church invites baptisms, weddings, and other small group gatherings. They have an overnight campout planned. The church extends the invitation to all: “And know that you are welcome here, at the foot of the cross, any time.”


Sagemont Church, 11300 S Sam Houston Pkwy E,| Houston, TX 77089

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