July 04, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

Since today is the 4th of July, it was a great coincidence that I was able to snap this image of St. Peter Lutheran Church in Prairie Valley this morning. Just west of La Grange on Hwy 71, there’s a sign for St. Peter that I’ve noticed for years. Today, driving back from a pre-4th family gathering, my wife and I decided to turn off the highway and finally check out this country church.


The Texas Historic Commission’s place marker notes the church and Prairie Valley Cemetery were built on land donated by a congregation member in 1900. That same year, the cemetery had its first burial. By 1901 the church was dedicated. Today, the congregation is part of the Tri-County Cooperative Ministry that shares pastors and administration with four other congregations in the surrounding area.


The old church still has what appears to be original stained glass windows. The siding has been replaced by vinyl though they generally maintain the look of historic wood clapboard. The steeple appears to be in good shape, with the handwork of a local roofer crafting a fit for the spire and the curved transition from the cupola to the base. I only with that someone was more thoughtful with the front doors. The molded material and narrow windows aren’t such a good fit for this otherwise beautiful historic building.


St Peter Lutheran Church and Prairie Valley Cemetery, 640 Prairie Valley Rd, West Point, Texas

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