February 03, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

I noticed Gateway South because of the new sign, which is the only indication that a church is moving in. It occurred to me that this group is developing an approach to ministry strongly influenced by its temporary facilities. Gateway South will soon be in this rented retail space, and will stay there until they can grow further and find a place to own


The main Gateway is an established church that began its South Austin ministry several years ago. Though the main Gateway Church has a permanent campus, its expansion group, like many startup churches, currently uses the local high school for worship. The very idea that the worship environment is somehow distinct or permanently sacred is foreign to a group that spends over 50 man-hours setting up and taking down their spaces. Even this next phase of growth is transitional.


So the definition of worship from the exterior is only the most basic symbol, literally the sign.  Out of necessity, that's pretty much all they have at Gateway South. It occurs to me that many contemporary churches have shared the same process of growth through temporary facilities. That makes it reasonable to assume that Gateway will have little interest in traditional church shapes or symbols when it finally builds a permanent home.

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