Church Planning and Transportation Technology

February 01, 2018 by: Ben Heimsath

Modern churches have consistently been planned to accommodate transportation based on the personal car. Church promoters have advised congregations to provide an abundance of parking spaces, as many as one space per two seats in the assembly. This has resulted in most new churches filling their properties with oceans of asphalt. I've blogged before about innovative transportation but things are ... Read More

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Church Design and Transportation Technology - Some Not so Obvious Impacts

January 21, 2018 by: Ben Heimsath

For churches, radical transportation changes are realistically a long-term concern, However, as churches make long-term decisions, it is not too soon to think about the consequences of at least some of these trends. News out of the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show is all about transportation. Self-driving cars are no longer experimental and dozens of companies are promoting alternatives to taxis, ... Read More

Transportation / Master Planning / Church Change

A Mobile Chapel - A Truck-Stop Church

November 07, 2011 by: Ben Heimsath

Somewhere along I-10 between West Texas and Arizona we came across this mobile chapel, a true truck-stop church. I was impressed with this resourceful solution, though I wondered just how worshipful it would feel inside a big rig. Sadly, it was late and the door was locked. But I did get a few ideas about what could be done to make something creative in such a constricted space. I hope someday ... Read More

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