March 09, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

It has taken several years of discussions and occasional meetings to finally be working with the Wat Buddhananachat Temple. This is our first opportunity to work with a Buddhist community and our first Buddhist temple. It has been very instructive to learn about this group over several years and to see the creativity and progress as the community has grown.


The current worship space is a converted residence. The bright yellow exterior and the crimson fascia and trim give a hint from a distance that this is a special place. A closer inspection shows the simplified finials projecting above the fascia. These traditional forms project above the roof and are turned up pointing back towards the ridge.


The current worship hall is brightly adorned and has places for multiple images and statues. The new hall will be larger and the plans call for a major new statue to be the prominent focus. We’ll keep sharing as work on the new temple progresses.

Wat Buddhananachat Temple, 8105 Linden Rd, Del Valle, Texas

Sacred Architecture/ Austin