September 21, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

A walk through the 2016 Worship Facilities Conference and Expo in Louisville leaves the distinct impression that worship has gone massively high tech. Spotlights, stage lights, projectors, and oversized screens of all kinds are on display. So are the acoustical technologies to compliment the visuals. Many booths have the latest sound boards, mixers, microphones, and everything musical. Though the dazzle is there, so are other, less glamorous resources. With more than 225 vendors and associations, nearly any and everything needed to administer, grow, or start a church or ministry activity is available.


Some of the more interesting and innovative items are less flashy, but equally important. There are a number of services for updating donations, church finances, payroll, and management. The US Green Building Council is represented as is Thrivent Financial, a non-profit church finance agency. There’s even expertise on setting up a volunteer coffee shop to provide a service and raise funds for the church.


The first WFX began in 2005 with a conference and exposition in Nashville. In the following decade, the event has expanded to be a reflection of current church growth and coming trends. I am delighted to have Heimsath Architects also be a resource at WFX.


Eric MacInerney discussing practical issues about church construction.

Our modest exhibit invites attendees to discuss their challenges and concerns as they approach major building or planning programs. Today, my business partner, Eric MacInerney and I talked about kitchens, permitting, renovations, and relocations. Tomorrow, I’ll be a presenter with Rev. Lane Northcut from Woodlawn Baptist Church. Our conference session is all about the shared planning and design process tailored to the needs of ministry. And we’ll continue to exchange with church members and other resource providers through the end of the conference tomorrow.  


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